Sabtu, 02 Oktober 2010

Denpasar City

bellows field Denpasar
Denpasar is the capital of Bali province. Not yet most Denpasar Denpasar tourist destination because they may be more commonly referred to as the only area in Bali who deserve to get the title name of the City.
Like the provincial capital in general in Indonesia, all government activity in the heart of this city. Starting from the governor's office, local police, the mayor and of course to immigration. And for foreigners, they have to come to Bali to take care of things there such as the licensing business.

Here you easily find people in Denpasar with various tribes in Indonesia. So do not be surprised, if in private offices, in one workspace are employees who have tribes Balinese, Javanese, Sundanese, Irian, Dayak, Madura, Lombok, etc. This is not surprising because the city of Denpasar is the largest destination of immigrants who try his fortune in the island resort of Bali.
Like other big cities in Indonesia, Denpasar also has what is called a landmark. In the cities on the island of Java used to call it by the square, or a big place like the field where there stands a large monument in the middle, complete with common facilities and the traders therein. In Denpasar, there is a large monument named Field Puputan Renon.
there is nothing wrong if you want to try to find a place of entertainment in Denpasar and I am sure you would find many interesting things in the capital of Bali this.
continue to enjoy the beauty of bali ..have fun ..we are waiting for you with a smile ..visit Bali and we were there

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