Senin, 20 September 2010

Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot

Welcome to Indonesia this time I will offer one of Indonesias beauty of much beauty and I hope for foreign and local wiasatawan interested to visit loved ones in Indonesia and I sincerely hope you have sweet memories of a vacation or to fill your weekend with panoramic kindahan Indonesia.

Have you been to Tanah Lot?

This temple was founded in the XV century AD by Pedanda Bawu Nirartha Rawuh or originating from the kingdom of Majapahit.
Pura Tanah Lot, located on the sea or separated from the mainland and around the temple there are also several small and big temples include Pura Pekendungan. Below and on the west side there is a source of fresh water that is sacred to Hindus water.

Pura Tanah Lot is located in the Village District Beraban 13 km from the town of Kediri, Tabanan, complete with adequate parking. When low tide visitors can directly get to the temple grounds to pray. Below the temple there are several caves in which the lives of several small and large snakes are black and white. Snakes are very tame and should not be disturbed. If the tide sea water, then the temple will look like a boat floating on the water. At Tanah Lot, we can witness the emergence of a full moon at night and sunsets on the horizon, is a very beautiful scenery.

Tanah Lot is also an object tour penchant for foreign visitors and they all would get the beautiful memories of this place.
and of course if the travel agent provide attractive offers to visit this beautiful place.

make sure your vacation with a beautiful family with us.

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